10 Home improvement blogs to check out!

Friday, 1 September 2017

10 Home Improvements Blogs You Need to Check Out

The internet has a wealth of knowledge from both experts and enthusiasts of all areas, one of them being how to improve your home.

Blogs are a great place to follow like-minded people in their journeys and projects, so we decided to put together a list of 10 of our favourite home improvement blogs for you to check out.

1. Young House Love

Young couple Sherry and John are the writers of Young House Love. They’re experienced in house renovations and have tonnes of tips and tricks to share on their blog.

All their projects are incredibly detailed and easy to follow, with great images to illustrate. Theirs is definitely a blog not to be missed!

2. Centsational Girl

Do you want to redecorate, but in an affordable way? Then Centsational Girl is the blog you need to check out. As the name hints, here you will find creative DIY’s and home improvement ideas that are budget friendly.

If you’re in need of quick inspiration, you can browse her past projects quickly in their dedicated section.

3. Simply Grove

If there’s a blog to inspire you to redecorate, it’s Simply Grove. The imagery in this blog is stunning, which isn’t surprising when the team behind it have a strong background in photography.

Headed by Kristen, an interior stylist, Simply Grove shares wonderful projects to inspire your home decoration ideas.

4. IKEA Hackers

Who doesn’t love IKEA? Particularly for those in their first home, it’s the place to find affordable but stylish furniture. But what happens if a piece isn’t quite right for what you want? That’s where IKEA Hackers comes in! The website is full of modification and DIY projects based on your favourite IKEA furniture that you can do along with the community.

5. Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany is the writer behind Pretty Handy Girl, a blog she created to prove that ladies can DIY too. From the projects she posts about, there’s no doubt that she’s skilled in doing it herself! What’s more, the images she shares are lovely to look at, next to easy to follow instructions.

6. Funky Junk Interiors

Funky Junk Interiors is written by an impressive woman. Donna restarted her life and her home, and in doing so, she had to furnish her house with nothing. Yes, really! How? To learn that, you need to read her blog.

Now that the house is done, she writes about different DIY’s you can do to transform your home with pretty much nothing.

7. DoItYourself.com

If you love DIY, then DoItYourself.com is the website for you! It’s full of new ideas for your home, which would explain why it’s one of the biggest DIY sharing websites out there. Peruse through the projects uploaded by members, and articles from the staff writers. Even better, there’s a forum for you to discuss your DIY questions and ideas with other members.

8. My Unique Home

Another great source of inspiration and stunning imagery, My Unique Home is one to read. Run by Kiran, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, life coach, author and interior designer, her blog is full of inspiration and tips for your home.

Even better, she lives in the gorgeous Hertfordshire countryside, making her content that much more relatable to us!

9. The Happiest Homes

The Happiest Homes is full of ideas to make your home happy! There are a vast number of topics covering both in the home and out in the garden, which is divided up into sections to make navigation a breeze.

10. My Value Home

New on the radar, my value home is a blog aiming to bring you all sorts of home improvement tips and ideas. Written by Emma Metson, an English countryside dweller, she aims to cover topics both inside the house and out.

She wrote a handy guide to reducing your home’s carbon footprint that is well worth checking out!

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