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Friday, 1 September 2017

We have a mixture to share with you, from moving hacks to hats on the wall, here are our favourites!

Summer Coastal Kitchen - Sand and Sisal

For some summer kitchen inspiration, this blog post from Kim at Sand and Sisal is a must read. She shares images from her coastal inspired kitchen diner that are enough to make you swoon.

The light and airy design with blue and bronze accents are stunning, set against beautiful tiling that looks just like the ocean. The perfect addition to their seaside home.

Stretching out into the dining area, the blue accents continue but are now joined by greenery provided by an assortment of plants.

Hats on the Wall - Rambling Renovators

We always love reading up on new, interesting ways to decorate homes, and Jen at Rambling Renovators went a step further with her design ideas: Using hats.

Decorating with hats? Nope, we hadn’t thought of that one either! Funnily enough, they actually make quite a good display.

Depending on the theme and style of a room, creating a ‘hat display’ can create a new kind of interest in your space, as Jen demonstrates with various images for you to take inspiration.

If you’re someone who owns a lot of hats, you can try some of these ideas as storage options too. Having the hats on display will keep them in your eye line, meaning you're more likely to put them on too.

6 Unique Upcycling Ideas For Your Home - ImproveNet

Upcycling has grown in popularity over the years. It’s a smart way to repurpose items in your home and give them a new lease of life.

In this article, you're shown six different upcycling ideas that you can try out for various areas in your house. From what to do with an old door, to new ways to use a colander, there are upcycling projects of all sizes to try.

10 Moving Hacks: How To Best Pack For Your Upcoming Move - Home Stories A to Z

We love any tips, tricks, or hacks that make moving house easier, and Beth has shared her ten tips that she used during her recent move.

Have you ever wondered just where to get all the boxes you’ll need? Or if you have some lying around but they’re weird shapes, what you can do with them? How about protecting your delicate items? Beth has a trick for each that you can use.

The best has to be all the ways you can use plastic wrap to make your move that little bit less stressful! Our favourite is tip #6.

The 5 Most Vulnerable Parts of Your House - DoItYourself

Keeping your property safe is of massive importance, but it tends to sit at the back of our minds until either you or a neighbour get burgled.

This is obviously something that we all want to avoid happening, so this article was a great read. It points out the five areas of your home that should take top priority in being protected.

Some of them may seem obvious, but how exactly do you protect your front door? Find the answers in this article!

Modern Solar Pathway Lights from Droppar Jars - IKEA Hackers

Everyone loves IKEA. It’s affordable, stylish and easy (for the most part). The only issue is sometimes you can find that you have the same furniture as your friends, family, and the family down the road.

This clever little DIY is great for affordable solar lights at a fraction of the normal cost.

Made from Droppar Jars, some LED lights and some PVC pipe, in no time you’ll have some awesome solar lights for your garden that no one else will have!

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